Top Ten Tuesday #3


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Top ten books to read when you need something light and fun!

My list this week is not ten specific books, but rather a few books, a few authors and everything else in between!

1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Book Covers

I love the entire Harry Potter series, but if I’m looking for something light and fun I really enjoy reading the first three books in the series. They are a little shorter and not as dark as the later books and in my opinion totally fun to read over and over!

2. The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia Book Covers

This series is a great fantasy read! I enjoy these books when I am looking for something to read fast, but something that still has a great plot.
3. Books by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen Book Covers

I just love the romance (and often the beach) in Sarah Dessen’s novels!
4. Books by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks Book Covers

Again, I just enjoy the romance and the (mostly) happily-ever-after endings!
5. The Gallagher Girl series

Gallagher Girls Series Book Covers

Teenage girl spies, love stories and lots of adventure. In my opinion, that always equals a lot of fun!
6. A Girl Named Digit

A Girl Named Digit Book Cover

This book is about a girl genius, a group of terrorists, the FBI and like most of my light read favorites- a love story! A perfect combination!
7. Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love Book Cover

This is a beautiful story! I consider it a must read and it is wonderful every time!
8. My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door Book Cover

The quirky family and the young love in this story make it a light and enjoyable read!
9. Junior Fiction books

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Cover

I’m a children’s librarian so sometimes when I’m looking for a light read I just pick up a few junior chapter books and call it a day! They are usually funny and full of personality!
10. A big stack of picture books

Pete the Cat Book Cover

I try to keep with new and popular picture books so many night you will find me snuggled up with a huge stack of picture books. This may actually be my favorite way to do some light reading! Picture books almost always bring a smile to my face and I love sharing them with my daughter!


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  1. I picked the Gallagher Girls series, too (as did a lot of people). I’ve only read the first book, but it’s just SO fun. Not the kind of thing I usually read, but a nice break from all my dark, depressing dystopians, you know? Great list!


  2. I love picture books. Pete the Cat is sooo much fun, and hugely popular at the library. And whenever a new Mo Willems book comes in, we all (library staff) rush to read it. Because he is the best!

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